Meet the Crew

In this group you see over a century of combined experience in automotive paint and related automotive services. We are definitely not newcomers to car care!  

We came together in a collaborative effort to find a solution to a vexing problem that every vehicle owner faces eventually — what to do about paint chips and scratches. With our knowledge, our goal is to deliver an automotive touch-up system that is Easy to Use without all the customary touch-up steps (that we have been accustomed to using over the years), yet still accomplish professional looking results. 

And we did!  


It is the CarChipFix™ Professional Auto Paint Touch-up System.


Over the past three years we have been using our CarChipFix™ system commercially and perfected it to where it is now.  

But we are more than just a great product.  We aim to be a reliable source of car care information for you at CarCareFocus™, especially as it relates to maintaining the appearance and the value of your vehicle.  We have a talented team of individuals of varied backgrounds that provides different perspectives into all that we do--which we believe is needed to make a great company.