Professional Results, without all these steps.

NO Sanding Needed

Wet sanding a paint scratch on your car is not needed. Auto paint touch-up doesn't require sanding.

Sanding is a customary step in auto paint repair, however for cosmetic repairs such as rock chips and scratches, it's more important to repair the paint damage immediately to avoid rust and further deterioration. Our CarChipFix™ Multi-Use Solution is formulated to prime the area for paint application where sanding is not necessary.

NO Waiting Between Coats


There are several layers to an automotive paint finish. They are electrocoating, primer, base coat and clear coat. Another reason we do not recommend sanding these small cosmetic repairs to preserve the e-coating and primer layers that provide corrosion protection. It is more important to seal these protective coatings right away with our CarChipFix™ Touch-up Paint.

NO Excess Paint to Wipe Away


Save time with the only tool you need for car touch-up repair application. It's our ONCE & DONE solution for touch-up with Precision using  ChipMATEMaking ANY Touch-up Easy! There 's NO Wiping, NO Polishing and NO MORE Paint Blobs! The precise construction of the ChipMATE™ controls the amount of paint released  and eliminates the fear of messing up your paint finish.



CarChipFix™ the "Once & Done" Touch-up System

No More Paint Blobs!

CarChipFix™ Kit Contents - What's Included

Each item in your kit is specially designed and formulated to work together to bring optimal results in maintaining the paint finish of your vehicle. Our goal is to deliver Ease-of-Use without all the customary touch-up steps, yet still accomplish professional looking results. Order your kit today!

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That is the question! 

What  it CAN do &

What it CANNOT. 

Restore vs. Touch-up

How is CarChipFix™ Different?

Automotive Touch-up Kit, Car chip repair, easy rock chip repair, How to fix stone chip and scratches

The 3-Step "ONCE & DONE" 

Touch-up Process that is 


and delivers the BEST results!

Fast, Easy & CLEAN!

The Birds & The Bees - and my Car!

Bird droppings ruin car finish, Remove bird poop, dull car finish, faded paint, oxidized paint

Ever notice that dull spot that

ruins the shiny finish of your car?

Let's have "The Talk".

Avoid Disaster!

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