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We want you to obtain the right answers to your touch-up questions and the right product for your touch-up needs.  Please review the information on this page and throughout our site to help assist you in your decision.  

We answer the topics below related to:

  1. General Questions About Touch-up
  2. CarChipFix™ Touch-up Paint and Multi-Use Solution
  3. CarChipFix™ Products 
  4. Color Matching
  5. Ordering Kits and Kit Components
  6. Payment
  7. Shipping
  8. Customer Satisfaction 
  9. Privacy Policy

1. General Questions About Touch-up

Is clear coat necessary for CarChipFix™ touch-up? 

No.  CarChipFix™ is a Once & Done™ touch-up system.  It was designed to produce superior results without all the extra steps called for in other touch-up systems.  Our paint has a very high concentration of solids and a higher natural  gloss compared to solvent based coatings and blends right in with the surrounding color.  The pigments in our paint are half the size of those in solvent paints resulting in greater opacity, thus better coverage with the same film thicknesses.  

Is primer needed for CarChipFix™ touch-up? 


No.  Automotive paint provides a beautiful and lasting finish, and a primer is like paint only in the sense that it, too, goes on the car!  But it doesn’t provide a beautiful colorful finish!  Applying primer usually raises the repair area too high, making it difficult or impossible to hide well.  

Should sanding paint be part of the touch-up process?

No.  Absolutely not.  Many touch-up processes and products found on the internet often recommend sanding your paint.  Don’t do it!  Here’s why.

Aesthetic reason.

Automotive paint, no matter how applied (sprayed on or direct deposit) has a noticeable thickness.   A rock chip is like a tiny little crater, and is usually deep enough to hold a layer or two of automotive paint.  If you smooth off the edges of the rock chip, the paint at the sanded edges will sit higher than the surrounding paint, giving the unsightly paint blob. Because automotive paint is an incompressible liquid it cannot be smoothed out thin enough to blend in to the surrounding finish.  For the same reason, a scratch that is suitable for touch-up should simply be filled in with paint to the extent possible.  

Economic reason.

You can easily damage your paint finish with sandpaper. Sanding will damage the good paint around the chip or scratch!  The three main variables involved with sanding are the grit of the paper, the force applied, and whether you are wet or dry sanding—get any one of these wrong and considerable damage to the surrounding good paint finish is the result.  Let a paint or detail professional do the sanding.


If you see sandpaper in the materials list be wary of the risk of damage to your paint finish.

But what about very fine scratches that are not suitable for touch-up?

If you are handy with buffing, polishing, compounding, wet sanding, color sanding, and so forth, then you can handle this yourself; otherwise a very good and experienced detailer should do this (and he will measure the thickness of your clear coat so as to not remove too much).

Can I use the paint without the Solution?

The short answer is ‘No’.  To obtain superior results with the ChipMATE™ the paint’s viscosity (its flowability or thickness) is adjusted by the Solution, which is specially formulated to do this.  It will thin the paint without changing its color.  For more details about our CarChipFix™ Multi-Use Solution, click here.

2. CarChipFix™ Paint and Multi-Use Solution

What kind of paint do you mix for me?

CarChipFix™ is a premium OEM automotive paint that is environmentally preferable to solvent based paints, the same paint that the manufacturers use on their new vehicles.  For more details about our CarChipFix™ Touch-up Paint, click here.

3. CarChipFix™ Products

See a full list of our products by clicking here

4. Color

How do I know what color to order?

Here's how to ensure you are ordering the right OEM paint color for your vehicle.


5. Ordering kits and kit components

See our products page to view and learn more about how each component that makes up the CarChipFix™ Complete Auto Paint Touch-up Kit delivers the BEST results!

6. Payment

We use Square for payment processing to assure your credit card privacy, security, and data protection.  We accept all Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Union Pay, and JCB credit and debit cards. 

7. Shipping

We process and ship your order within 2-3 business days; this allows us time to mix your OEM paint color.  Most shipments are sent by USPS Priority Mail.  You will receive an email with your tracking number for your package so that you can check its progress. 

8. Customer Satisfaction Policy

All the components in the CarChipFix™ Professional Touch-up Kit are individually inspected and checked for quality before assembly, and checked again before shipment.   Should there be any questions at all about your order when you receive it please contact us.   We will do our utmost to keep you a happy customer! 

9. CarChipFix™ Privacy Policy

CarChipFix™ values your privacy.