Our 3-Step Touch-up process

The CarChipFix™ Professional Auto Paint Touch-up Kit is a 3-step process that delivers optimal results that is easy to use.

It's all done at one time with our ONCE & DONE touch-up paint system.

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Everything in your Touch-up kit

Find out everything that is included in your CarChipFix™ "ONCE & DONE" Touch-up Kit! 

Here is a detailed look into all the contents packaged into the all-in-one tool kit.

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When is Auto Touch-up the Right Choice?

We go over the different types of automotive paint damage and explain when touch-up is the right repair choice for your vehicle.   

Here at CarChipFix™, we show you how to repair rock chips in 3 Easy Steps. This is done without sanding, waiting between coats, wiping away excess paint and most importantly eliminating the messy “Paint Blobs”!

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